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Dental Assisting

Dental Assisting Quick Facts
*Statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Dental Assisting Colleges

In less than 2 years, the Dental Assisting program will provide education for students to develop the skills, technical knowledge and clinical experience necessary to work in a professional, ethical and collaborative manner. You will be trained in radiographic and administrative process as well as hands-on clinical education. As a dental assistant you be qualified to set-up equipment, prepare patients for treatment, chairside assisting, handling of instruments, cleaning and sterilizing of the instruments, taking x-rays and impressions, as well as gain the knowledge and expertise to create and keep records.

Once you complete your dental assisting program, some other areas you will be qualified to work for are dental supply manufacturers, hospital dental departments, general dentist assistant, pediatrics dental assistant, oral pathologists assistant, dental personnel for an insurance company, oral and maxillofacial surgeons and many more.

In today’s workforce, dental assistants just out of school median income is approximately $35,000. By 2022 opportunities in the dental assisting field will increase approximately 22%.

Don’t wait any longer. This is a wonderful career path to take. Let Enrollmint.com assist you in finding the right college to successfully launch your career. Enroll in dental assisting today.

Criminal Justice – Police Officers

Criminal Justice – Police Officers Quick Facts
*Statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Criminal Justice – Police Officers College

Have you always been fascinated with crime solving? If so, then criminal justice may be the right future for you. The criminal justice field had been thriving as technology has continued to advance. A bachelor’s degree in criminal justice will open you to endless career opportunities. This program is not just for those who want to be a police officer or a federal agent. You may also choose to be a forensic expert, a prison system expert, homeland security agent and more. There are literally dozens of avenues you may pursue once you have obtained a criminal justice degree. Majoring in criminal justice would be a great way to prepare for law school if you wish to further your education. So choose to have a criminal justice degree today!

Many Criminal Justice programs offer an associate’s degree but there are also colleges that give you the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree or even a master’s degree. All programs will assist you with the technical skills needed to be successful in the justice system. This program will also teach you psychology and sociology to understand the behaviors of criminals as well as the victims. Some other classes that will be taken in the criminal justice program include parole, social research, punishment, laws and other methods of researching about crimes.

The most important factor when choosing a college to pursue your education is finding a college with a good reputation and proper accreditation. Research the school’s accreditations, awards and other citations they have been earned from education bodies. Instructors should also have several years of experience in the field and they may even be retired police officers. You should also consider the concentrations that the school is really good at. Some schools are better in the forensic department than others while some are the top when it comes to political science. Choose the concentration that appeals to you the most.

Television shows about cops, crime scene investigators and lawyers such as CSI, NCIS, 24 Hours, Law and Order, Homeland, Criminal Minds, Homeland have managed to entice students to take the criminal justice route and study criminal justice in college. The career may not be as glamorous as it is portrayed in TV but it is definitely not boring and it is highly rewarding as you will be helping many people in the process. Let Enrollmint.com assist you with finding the best Criminal Justice program that will get you to the dreams and goals you have set for yourself.


Cosmetology Quick Facts
*Statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Cosmetology Schools

Planning to have a career in the cosmetology field? Cosmetology is an excellent career and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the Cosmetology field is expected to grow 15% through 2020. This is a recession proof career so that only means cosmetologists will always be in demand. Not to mention that it is one of the most exciting professional fields out there that will allow you to release your creativity. You will also help people look and feel better while earning a very good income. So don’t be left out and let Enrollmint.com assist you in your search to enter the field of cosmetology today. Attend a beauty school to learn how to perform services such as styling hair, proper makeup application, nail care, skin care, esthetics and much more. The good news is that you will choose from hundreds of beauty and cosmetology schools all throughout America. You have plenty of great options and we at Enrollmint.com will help find the best cosmetology school for you.

In choosing a cosmetology school, you need to consider the many things such as location, budget and your goals. Also choose a cosmetology school that will adhere to the state requirement of licensing after graduation. All states require a licensing exam for someone who wants to be a cosmetologist. Also consider the number of practical training hours vs. the number of hands-on training hours when choosing a school. All states designate a minimum number of hours for classroom study and practical hands-on training. However, many schools differ in how they teach so it’s best to choose a school that has the perfect balance of studying theories and practical hands-on learning. It is also best to choose a school that has its own fully functional salon in which students are allowed to beautify paying customers under supervision. This will provide students with hands-on experience, real life relations to customers and how to professionally deal with everything in the salon.

After completing a cosmetology program and taking the licensing exam, you will then embark on your journey and work in your chosen area of cosmetology. Let Enrollmint.com help point you in the direction of success. You may even have your own salon or your own line of makeup or skin care products. The possibilities are endless when it comes to cosmetology. So enjoy your education and start your career today!

Computer Programming

Computer Programming Degree Quick Facts

*Statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Computer Programming Colleges

According to statistics made by the Bureau of Labor, computer programming is one of the fastest growing fields in today’s workforce and this trend will continue over the next 10 years. Please note that this trend offers countless career opportunities that have outstanding salary potential. These statistics come as no surprise as computer programs run our world. Wherever you go, there’s a computer program making our life easier. The ATM machine you are using to withdraw money, the inventory system at the office, the cashier in groceries just to name a few. People should take advantage of this career boom and enroll in a computer programming college today.

What is computer programming? Computer programming is the process of writing code and commands that the computer can read and understand so that it can develop into something useful. A programming language is used to write this code. There are dozens of programming languages that a computer student will learn. Although a programmer will have their preferred computer language, knowing how to do program in various computer languages is vital for a computer programmer’s success. The more you know, the more your chances are to succeed. Outstanding computer colleges and universities are all over the United States and Enrollmint.com will help you pick the best college to get you to the dreams and goals you have set for yourself. These computer-programming colleges will give you knowledge in different computer languages. COBOL, FORTRAN, C, C++, Linux, Java, Visual Basic, Python and PHP are just some of the languages.

What is great about choosing a computer programming career is that there are so many colleges that offer online classes. You can literary earn a degree without leaving the comfort of your home. Furthermore, the profession itself does not require certification tests from government agencies. Unlike accounting, engineering, nursing etc, there aren’t any state or federal license needed in order to become a programmer. This makes it easier for students to jump right into their career as soon as they finish their degree.

Now is the perfect time to earn a Computer Programming Degree. The growth in the technology field is huge and entry-level programmers may earn upwards of $50,000 a year while at an expert level you may earn a lot more. So what are you waiting for? If you have always been a geek at heart, it is time to use that to your advantage and take the first step and sign up for a computer-programming degree today.

Business Administration

Business Administration Quick Facts
*Statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Business Administration Colleges

Are you a born leader? If you are, then Business Administration may be the best career for you. As a business administrator, you will be in charge and responsible for run businesses as a well-oiled machine. You will be handling a lot of different tasks, strategize and plan as well as manage people. Business administration encompasses the widest range of career opportunities available, which makes it an extremely popular career choice. Every business needs a business administrator from the smallest family owned business to the largest fortune 500 corporations. So earn a business administration degree and have Enrollmint.com help you today to start your journey into the business world.

Every year, thousands of students are taking Business Administration programs. This is because the degree teaches the correct way of handling a business. So whether one is looking to apply as a business administrator or looking to setup their new business, a degree in Business Administration would be extremely necessary. There are hundreds of great Business Administration schools to consider. Let Enrollmint.com guide you in your search of choosing the best business administration college for you.

Colleges offer different degrees in Business Administration. One may choose an associate degree that should be completed in less than 2 years and can easily help you secure an entry-level position for business administration. A bachelor’s degree can be completed in less than 4 years is also available and would advance your knowledge and your chances of getting a more stable career. With a bachelor degree under your belt, you’ll qualify for a variety of business roles right out of school. Many students also choose to earn a Master in Business Administration. This is one of the most respected degrees and should give you a great advantage in the field.

Some of the opportunities that should be available to you upon completion of your degree are Sales Management, Finance Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management and Health Care Management. So let Enrollmint.com assist you in launching your career in the business world by searching for a school today.



Barbering Quick Facts
*Statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Barbering School

Even in tough times, people will always find a way to take care of their personal appearance, especially their hair. This is why a career in barbering will always be in demand and a very profitable and recession proof career. Per the Department of Labor Statistics demand is increasing for barber stylists who are very good at short hairstyles and men’s cuts. They also say that the demand for barbers will grow at a rate of 14% through 2020.

A barber is someone who cuts, trims or styles hair mainly for men. Job description also includes putting hairpieces like wigs and toupees, facial shaving, scalp treatments, hair dyeing and other hair needs. Now that more and more men are becoming metrosexual and are conscious of their looks, the need for a skilled barber is much greater. Enrollmint.com will help you start your barbering training by finding the right barbering program for you.

Barber programs usually take less than a year and the studies will include hair cutting, hairstyling, shaving, state laws, barbering regulations, coloring and ethics in the workplace. Upon graduating you will receive a diploma or a certificate in barbering. If you want an advantage in the field and further your education, you may choose a 2-year associate degree. If the plan is to secure an associate degree, you will study all the techniques of cutting, grooming, shaving and styling men’s and boy’s hair. Barbershops are also places of social interaction and public communication so you will learn how to interact with people. The associate degree also includes marketing, finance and management for those who want to run their own barbering business.

The good news is that there are thousands of barbering colleges, barbering technical schools and universities that offer barbering programs. Find the best barbering school for you by utilizing our search tools here at Enrollmint.com. Upon successful completion of a barbering program, you must take a state licensing examination that will certify you as a barber. In the United States all barbers must be licensed and they can only do this by passing a written test and demonstrating their skills during the licensing examination.

Barbering is a great profession and one that is consistently growing. So if you are ready, start today with a program in barbering and you’ll be on your way to a great career.


Automotive Service Tech

Automotive Service Tech Quick Facts
*Statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Automotive Service Tech Schools

Have you always been interested in cars, motorcycles or any automotive? Of course you have, especially if you are a guy. Thousands of men in the USA have so much interest in the automotive field and some are making it as a hobby to modify or fix their autos by themselves. Take this hobby or talent of yours and use it to have a career in the Automotive Technician field. There’s a huge demand for skilled Automotive Service Technicians, so enroll in a school today and be one step closer towards success.

As an automotive service technician, you can study to work on different types of cars (sedans, compacts, SUVs etc), motorcycles, commercial and diesel trucks, airplanes, or even work with racing cars and be one of those mechanics includes in a NASCAR team. You can also be a specialist and learn how to diagnose and repair sophisticated automobiles such as luxury cars.

So find the right automotive service tech school, college or university for you today. We at Enrollmint.com can help find the perfect school for you. Consider the location, program type, specializations, and the amount of hands on training you will have in choosing the right automotive service technician school for you.

Automotive service technician schools offer a variety of options for you to choose from based on your personal needs and situation. There are certificate and diploma programs that usually can be finished in a few months, an associate degree that can be done within 2 years or a bachelor’s degree that can be completed within 4 years. By enrolling in an automotive service technician course or degree, you will have high-quality, hands-on instruction in class where you will learn the necessary skills to start in the automotive industry. You can also learn the skills to perform maintenance and mechanical repairs, skills to fix increasingly complex vehicles, as well as learn about engines, chassis, fuel systems and other parts of an automotive.

Enroll in an automotive service technician school today and get a career that is both profitable and fun to do. Search for a school on Enrollmint.com today and you’ll be on your way to a great career.


Accountant Quick Facts
*Statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Accounting Schools and Colleges

Accounting is an integral part of any business. In fact, anyone who works in an office or any business should have an understanding of accounting. No matter what position you hold in the business world, accounting will be involved. Without an accounting department, a business wouldn’t know what they’ve spent or where they’ve spent it. They also wouldn’t know whether they could expect a profit or a loss. These are the reasons why accounting degree holders are very much in demand today. Lots of opportunities are opening up for accounting professionals. Also accounting degrees provide a very competitive starting salary rate.

So if you are interested in numbers and are eyeing the path of becoming an accountant, then follow your heart’s desire and enroll in an accounting college or university. To be an accountant, you need a 4-year Bachelor’s degree in accounting. Getting a degree in accounting will help you acquire superb mathematical talent, good analytical skills and technical expertise in the business industry. There are hundreds of excellent accounting colleges in the United States. Use Enrollmint.com to choose the best accounting college that fits your needs.

After getting a Bachelor Degree, an accreditation or licensing exam made by STA or the State Board of Accounting is needed to earn the title Certified Public Accountant or CPA. Many big companies who are looking for accountants are also looking for additional degrees and studies.

Being a CPA entitles you to endless career opportunities. You may receive a career as an auditor in a small private company or you may work as an accountant in a government office. You may work as a budget analyst, a tax account or if you are really astounding, you may be a chief financial officer of a company. Forensic accounting is another career in demand for accountants. It requires you to investigate crimes and frauds in a company or business or even within the government.

The field of accounting is a very promising one. Take an accounting course today and be sure that you will find a profitable career after you graduate.


Trade Occupations
*Average salaries provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Trade Schools

After high school graduation you are likely to consider the next step in your educational journey. Should you enroll in a 2-year course and enter the work force early? Or should you head straight to a four-year college or university? One option that you may consider is attending a trade school.

Trade school or vocational school, as some may call it, is a popular choice for students who want a fast track into a well-paying skilled career. It is also for those who don’t have enough resources to pay for college, as trade schools are typically more affordable. Those who enjoy woodworking, building different things, fixing problems and working with machinery are the best candidates. If you are one of those we mentioned, then trade school is the right path for you. Trade schools will equip you with the skills necessary to become successful and help you get some of the most fulfilling job opportunities out there today.

Careers that you can get after enrolling in trade schools include plumbing, carpentry, electrician, welding and HVAC (or air-conditioning and refrigeration). Surveys show that more and more women are also attending trade schools and want to pursue a career in this manly world. Why not? The women of today are empowered and the modern world of today gives everybody a fair chance at any opportunity.

So whether you are a lady or a gentleman, there are plenty of opportunities for you if you want an essential hands-on career today. Look for the best trade school now. There are hundreds of them in the United States and we can help you in your quest in finding the best trade school that suits you. These schools offer a lot of training and areas of study. Some of the most popular programs in the trade field include:

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration – Which of the appliances in your home would be the hardest to live without? A recent survey shows that the answer to that question was the refrigerator. This is why a course as an air conditioning and refrigeration technician is one of the most in demand courses offered in trade schools.

Electrical Engineering – Learn how to design, develop, fix, test and supervise electrical equipment when you choose this area of study in trade schools. Electrical engineers are necessary when fixing just about any appliance and electronic equipment. From your portable music players, global positioning systems to communication satellites.

HVAC – choosing to major in HVAC allows you to learn about installation, maintenance, and repair of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Proper heating and cooling system are in constant need of repair and that is why an HVAC professional is in huge demand today.

As of this writing, North America is experiencing a shortage of skilled trade graduates. Get an education from the right trade school today and get the relevant abilities needed for the job.

Massage and Wellness

Massage and Wellness Occupations
*Average salaries provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Massage and Wellness Schools

With fatigue, stress, and toxins overpowering a lot of people today, Massage and Wellness careers are becoming more and more popular. Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, and Reflexology are just some of the popular massage and wellness careers. Some people say that their masseuse has magical fingers, however it is not magic…this is knowledge. Students that are trained as massage therapist generate successful careers in the field because massage and wellness involves much more than giving a simple backrub. Enrolling in a massage school will give you the knowledge you need to become successful in the industry.

To reach the professional level, massage therapists go through intense courses to be certified. To start your journey in this field, you must first choose the right school that fits your goals you have set for your career. The ambience of the school also matters as studying massage and wellness requires peace. Most importantly you need to consider the school’s accreditation, awards as well as the staff that will guide you in your career. The staff should be well trained with years of experience, both in the field and in the classroom. Also be sure that the school is well respected and that they have positive feedback from former students as well as recognition from various award bodies. Lastly, be sure that they provide hands-on training and practice since lessons themselves are not enough.

After choosing the right school, you need to think of the type of massage that you will major in. There are over 200 massage techniques all over the world. From Hydrotherapy to Acupuncture, there are really a lot of great options to choose from. You must decide which techniques appeal to you the most. The techniques you will choose to specialize in will become your field of expertise. Here’s the top three areas of study in massage and wellness today. Take your time to make the right career decision.

Massage Therapy – Learn how to relieve pain, rehabilitate injuries, improve blood circulation, relieve stress and increase relaxation by manipulating soft tissue muscles of the body when you choose to study massage therapy. Massage therapy typically requires 500 or more hours of study and experience to earn your certificate.

Chiropractic – The chiropractic profession is continuously becoming popular and is expected to grow at large rates in the years to come. People love the non-surgical and non-drug methods of treatment that it provides. Learn the art of using spinal adjustments and manipulations to treat multiple health concerns when you choose to major in Chiropractic.

Personal Training and Fitness – Choose to be a personal fitness trainer and learn the proper way to exercise, study strength training and the science of muscle. Fitness trainers and instructors are in high demand. They lead, instruct, and motivate individuals or groups in exercise activities and may work with different age groups and skill levels.

Massage and wellness is nature’s magical way of healing your body and mind without taking any medicines or having any operations. However, it takes a good therapist to work their magic. With proper education and training, you can be a trained massage therapist or be a chiropractor, so enroll in a school today!