Learn the Best Place to Exercise your Brain!

Learn some great learning tools

The internet is filled with thousands of free online games, which is played by all people around the globe. Whether you’re young or old, a professional or a student, all of us enjoy the multitude of online games available on the internet. There are action games, puzzle games, role playing, simulation, sports and much more. There’s one for every type of person.

If you will invest some of your free time to explore the online games world you will soon realize how advantageous it may be for you. Playing online games is not just a good pastime but it is also a way to improve concentration, memory and intelligence as well. So stop for a while and take a rest from working. Introducing Online brain games! They are not just fun and enjoyable but also educational. If you want to get some educational games, the following are two of the best websites that provide online games for you to advance your mind!


Beebrite.com develops games that are particular to enhancing mind execution and productivity. First you need to register, and then decide on which perspective of your brain you want to work on the most. Beebrite.com offers online games that will help you work on and enhance five basic aspects of your existence: language, memory, speed, concentration and calculus.

With this almost free site you will enjoy free training and some games that will catch your concentration. You will also have access to a free module that will reveal to you your stats and will offer you a lot more sessions. What’s exciting is there is a small clock that will really put you on the edge to win the game. If you want more, you may also opt for a premium subscription for $4.99 per month where you will access special training, advanced stats, and more. Another feature is you will be awarded stickers for every level you pass. Lastly, you will follow people and compare your scores, stickers, and stats with them which should challenge you more to win the game.


Lumosity.com is another famous site that will help you work on your cognitive skills, which includes boosting your memory, attention, speed, flexibility and problem solving skills. With so many brain games available on lumosity.com, you may choose between the different sides of your brain that you wish to develop. Also, there are excellent games that should enhance your concentration abilities and increase your analysis timing.  Check your training history as well as brain profile for improvements. You may evaluate and compare scores with others as well. With hundreds of original mind games, puzzles and other brain exercises, you surely won’t get tired of challenging yourself. Also you may challenge yourself with the different brain fitness programs that are both fun and stimulating. With brain training, you will absolutely help your mind process more efficient, effective and much faster.