Barbering Quick Facts
*Statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Barbering School

Even in tough times, people will always find a way to take care of their personal appearance, especially their hair. This is why a career in barbering will always be in demand and a very profitable and recession proof career. Per the Department of Labor Statistics demand is increasing for barber stylists who are very good at short hairstyles and men’s cuts. They also say that the demand for barbers will grow at a rate of 14% through 2020.

A barber is someone who cuts, trims or styles hair mainly for men. Job description also includes putting hairpieces like wigs and toupees, facial shaving, scalp treatments, hair dyeing and other hair needs. Now that more and more men are becoming metrosexual and are conscious of their looks, the need for a skilled barber is much greater. will help you start your barbering training by finding the right barbering program for you.

Barber programs usually take less than a year and the studies will include hair cutting, hairstyling, shaving, state laws, barbering regulations, coloring and ethics in the workplace. Upon graduating you will receive a diploma or a certificate in barbering. If you want an advantage in the field and further your education, you may choose a 2-year associate degree. If the plan is to secure an associate degree, you will study all the techniques of cutting, grooming, shaving and styling men’s and boy’s hair. Barbershops are also places of social interaction and public communication so you will learn how to interact with people. The associate degree also includes marketing, finance and management for those who want to run their own barbering business.

The good news is that there are thousands of barbering colleges, barbering technical schools and universities that offer barbering programs. Find the best barbering school for you by utilizing our search tools here at Upon successful completion of a barbering program, you must take a state licensing examination that will certify you as a barber. In the United States all barbers must be licensed and they can only do this by passing a written test and demonstrating their skills during the licensing examination.

Barbering is a great profession and one that is consistently growing. So if you are ready, start today with a program in barbering and you’ll be on your way to a great career.