Accountant Quick Facts
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Accounting Schools and Colleges

Accounting is an integral part of any business. In fact, anyone who works in an office or any business should have an understanding of accounting. No matter what position you hold in the business world, accounting will be involved. Without an accounting department, a business wouldn’t know what they’ve spent or where they’ve spent it. They also wouldn’t know whether they could expect a profit or a loss. These are the reasons why accounting degree holders are very much in demand today. Lots of opportunities are opening up for accounting professionals. Also accounting degrees provide a very competitive starting salary rate.

So if you are interested in numbers and are eyeing the path of becoming an accountant, then follow your heart’s desire and enroll in an accounting college or university. To be an accountant, you need a 4-year Bachelor’s degree in accounting. Getting a degree in accounting will help you acquire superb mathematical talent, good analytical skills and technical expertise in the business industry. There are hundreds of excellent accounting colleges in the United States. Use to choose the best accounting college that fits your needs.

After getting a Bachelor Degree, an accreditation or licensing exam made by STA or the State Board of Accounting is needed to earn the title Certified Public Accountant or CPA. Many big companies who are looking for accountants are also looking for additional degrees and studies.

Being a CPA entitles you to endless career opportunities. You may receive a career as an auditor in a small private company or you may work as an accountant in a government office. You may work as a budget analyst, a tax account or if you are really astounding, you may be a chief financial officer of a company. Forensic accounting is another career in demand for accountants. It requires you to investigate crimes and frauds in a company or business or even within the government.

The field of accounting is a very promising one. Take an accounting course today and be sure that you will find a profitable career after you graduate.