Significance of Earning a College Degree

Advantages of Earning a Degree

Education is the greatest investment for the future. Indeed it is! That is why you should pursue your studies in college because when it comes to benefits, a degree earner has a greater chance of having a better career than a high school graduate. As you can see earning a college degree is an investment, time consuming, stressful, and it needs a lot of effort. The positive changes it brings to the individuals, families, and communities are priceless.

Unlike the 20th century, employers today require new workers to earn minimally an associate degree before applying for a position with their company. Since companies today possess specific skills to be performed, detailed tasks and interaction with the clients/costumers, degree earners are in higher demand for today’s workforce. Therefore, if you want to secure a good career in the future, earning a degree is the best answer to get you started. Here are some reasons why you should pursue your studies in college:

  1. Degree earners are good communicators. Communication skills are one of the most valued benefits of a degree earner. Degree earners are proven to be good in communication both verbal and written. Therefore, they are able to express their ideas in a clear, fluent and convincing manner. Possessing such skill provides a better chance of being hired when applying and even being promoted in your position when you’re already in the field. Plus, it even strengthens the relationship between you, your family and colleagues.
  1. Degree earners are critical thinkers. In college, individuals are not just equipped with knowledge alone because during this time their critical thinking and decision making skills are enhanced as well. The fact that college professors and instructors provide activities wherein one’s thinking ability is constantly utilized. This makes the degree earner a critical thinker, that they are able to make excellent decisions and choices throughout their lives. By the use of such skill, an individual can resolve complex issues by analyzing the root of the problem and applying different methodologies and strategies that are relevant enough to solve the problem.
  1. Degree earners have more job opportunities.
  1. Degree earners are higher paid.
  1. Degree earners have a greater chance of having a stable career.
  1. Degree earners are proven to be much more satisfied with their careers in life.
  1. Degree earners are capable of being promoted.
  1. Degree earners work in the field and industry that interest them.
  1. Degree earners enjoy many working benefits such as: • Health care insurance • Savings account • Better retirement matching • Tuition reimbursement • Free childcare • Reimbursement for travel and commuting
  1. Degree earners are well experienced. It would be much more effective if the concepts, methods, strategies, and theories discussed in the four corners of the classroom are observed and actualized by the students in the field. That’s why many colleges and universities require their students to be in the field for at least one semester before graduating. So even if you’re a fresh graduate you’ve already been considered as having work experience.