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Web Development

Web Development Degree Quick Facts

*Statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Web Development Schools

The world we live in is a world where technology rules and the Internet is a necessity for everyone. With more communications, entertainment, transactions and commerce being conducted online than ever before, the Internet opens up endless possibilities for individuals, organizations and corporations to increase their profit and gain millions of clients anywhere in the world. But all of these may only be done if one has a website. This is why web development is one of the most sought out careers today and also one of the most profitable careers as well.

There are hundreds of colleges that offer web development programs. Web developers will learn everything involving websites such as the GUI (graphical user interface), the CMS (Content Management Systems), database management as well as different programming and scripting languages such as (PSP, Java, Java Script, HTML5, CSS etc.). You will create new looks and applications for which your customer is looking for to enhance their websites.

Web developers play a very crucial role in the economy today. It is no wonder that one can easily earn $30 per hour, $2000 per project or at least $70,000 a year. So if you enjoy working with computers and the internet and you love learning new programming languages, then this career is for you. Let Enrollmint.com assist you in your search and help you enroll in a web development college today so you can succeed as a web developer. There is no better time to pursue a degree in web development then right now. Learn more today!


Paralegal Degree Quick Facts

*Statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Paralegal Schools

Planning to have a career in the legal field but don’t have enough money and time to enter law school and become a lawyer? Then the Paralegal position would be the best choice for you. The Paralegal or Legal Assistant career began developing in the United States in the 1960s. Years ago lawyers would see the problems they have on paper with each case, do all the general duties as well as initial case investigation. Lawyers don’t have enough time to do these legal tasks and so they began hiring legal assistance, which later urged the American Bar Association to set the standard (employment guidelines, duties, limitations and lawyer relationship) in the paralegal department. Now firms, corporations, government offices and private offices are all looking for paralegal personnel. This is the perfect time for you to consider having a career in the paralegal field.

Paralegal degree programs are available at over 900 paralegal colleges, paralegal schools and paralegal universities across the United States for those who want to study and have a career in this field. Choose the best school for you today and start learning technical skills and the right attitude to work as a Paralegal. Let Enrollmint.com help you choose the best college that will help propel you into your new paralegal career.

These paralegal colleges vary in the curriculum they offer so you may earn a certificate, associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree or master’s degree. Choose the program that fits your time and budget but more importantly, a program that best fits your future goals you have set for yourself. If your goal is to enter the Paralegal field as soon as possible then a certificate would be a good start. However, if your goal is to have a more established career in the paralegal field, then you would be better served securing a degree. Choosing the right college will help you get on the right path to your dreams.

After finishing a paralegal program, a certification exam is required. Just like an attorney, passing law school doesn’t make one a lawyer. A bar exam is still needed to certify them as a lawyer. The same situation is true for paralegals. Paralegals must pass a test to be certified and able to secure opportunities as a paralegal. After passing this exam, you will then go and search for career opportunities as a paralegal or legal assistant. When you receive enough experience in the paralegal field, you may choose to continue your education and target higher legal roles such as becoming a criminal investigator or even a lawyer. Get started today and let Enrollmint.com get you where you want to go.

Office Administration

Office Clerk Quick Facts
*Statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Office Clerk

Office administration is a broad career that one may choose to enroll in. In fact, millions of people across the country work as office administrators. Because it is a broad field it also offers broad opportunities for aspiring office administrators. Career opportunities as office administrators never run out and the income potential is very good. Why is that? Because businesses of all kinds need people who will make sure that their offices run smoothly and that’s exactly what Office Administrators do. From large corporations to small businesss, governmental agencies and even medical offices, office administrators are always in need.

Office administrators perform many administrative and management tasks to ensure that everything in an office is working efficiently, effectively and properly. In a glance, we may say that office administrators have the heart of a manager because they have strong multi-tasking skills, communication skills and problem solving skills. Among the many duties of an office administrators are: allocating work assignments, setting deadlines and making sure they are met, supervise staff, interview job applicants, conduct orientation and training for new staff, inventory of office equipment and ordering new supplies if needed, formulating company policies and implementing them, maintaining company information systems and much more. All these tasks can be at various levels, from junior office administrator to a managerial position. Enrollmint.com will help you get started with a search for the right college to get you into this exciting career.

Enrolling in an office administration program will help you prepare for a career in the office world. Subjects would include bookkeeping, human resource management, records management, career planning, professional development, psychology, sociology as well as computer applications which are in high demand.

There are hundreds of colleges that offer Office Administration in the United States. These colleges offer 2-year associate degrees and 4-year bachelor degree courses for you to choose from. Enrollmit.com will assist you in the search to enroll in an office administration program today and get the chance to have a career in this very flexible and exciting field.

Nursing Assistant

Nursing Assistant Quick Facts
*Statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Nursing Assistant Schools

Choosing a career in nursing is extremely rewarding and never easy. This profession is quite demanding and expects high standards of ethics, patience, honesty and a lot of medical knowledge. Nursing is still the most sought out and largest health care occupation in the world with over 2.7 million positions in the USA alone. Why is that? Because having a career in nursing is very rewarding. Not only will you earn a very competitive salary, but assisting others to stay healthy and hopefully cured of an illness makes it a very noble profession.

So if you are ready to face the challenges of this very occupation, then start looking for a nursing school on Enrollmint.com today. Let Enrollmint.com assist you with your search to find the right college or university to enroll in your Bachelor or Associate Degree program in Nursing. Getting a degree in nursing will help you learn all the technical knowledge that a nurse should have as well as the proper discipline that this profession requires.

There are many colleges and universities that offer nursing programs. You will earn your Associate Degree in less than 2 years and a Bachelor Degree in about 3-4 years. After finishing a degree in nursing, you should pass the licensing examination that will certify you as a nurse. Students who fail to pass this exam can retake it after a year but usually 75% of nursing students pass this in their first try. After passing the exam you may then look for nursing positions and start your career.

Nursing covers a wide area of career opportunities after graduating. You may apply as an entry-level nurse or a staff-nurse after you graduate or you may become a nurse educator where you teach students or other people about proper health care needs and procedures. You may be a mid-wife and help women during labor and delivery or you may be a nurse practitioner that could write prescriptions to patients with diabetics and hypertension. If you are tough enough to face the operating table, then you may be an operating nurse that will help assist doctors in any minor or major operations. There are also various specialty programs that nurses may choose to specialize in such as radiology nursing, rehabilitation nursing, forensic nursing, and many more. These specialty programs are quite interesting but would take more time and effort.

With over 200,000 vacant positions in hospitals and health offices for nursing each year, not to mention the growing demand for skilled private nurses that will take care of elderly or sick people at home, the future is looking extremely bright for the nursing field. Students with a Degree in Nursing should expect an easier task to find a job, secure their position and earn an extremely competitive salary. So let Enrollmit.com assist you in choosing the right nursing college today and get started towards your career in this amazing field.

Network Administration

Network Administration Degree Quick Facts

*Statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Network Administration Colleges

In these modern times where computers and technology rule all aspects of business transactions, communications and information flow, all businesses should make sure that their computers, internet connections and networking systems are running smoothly. Network and computer systems administrators are the ones who ensure that everything is working properly and will resolve technical issues. This is why network administration is one of the most important careers in today’s workforce.

According to USnews.com, network and computer administration is one of the best career opportunities in the United States today. An estimated 50,000 network administrator positions are projected to be added to the workforce because the demand for skilled IT and networking graduates is so high. The median salary is also one of the highest paying in industry today. With demand at an all-time high, this is the best time for anyone to receive a degree in network administration. A degree in network administration will prepare students to enter the field with up to date knowledge and skills in networking.

When you enroll in a network administration college, you will choose to receive an Associate Degree, which you may earn in less than 2 years, a Bachelor degree which you may earn in less than 4 years or a Master’s degree. Earning a 2-year degree allows an individual to quickly enter the workforce and qualify for an entry-level position. However, the more you further your education, the better your chances of receiving a better career opportunity. Let Enrollmint.com assist you with finding a great school offering network administration.

If you are looking for the right network administration college to take you to the next level, then you are in luck as there are dozens of great network administration colleges to choose from. We at Enrollmint.com will help pick the best network administration college for you.

After receiving your network administration degree, you should then prepare yourself to take a licensing exam and receive a certification. In many cases, candidates for network and systems administration should possess a Cisco Certificate, a Red Hat Certificate, Sun Certificate or CompTIA’s A+ certificate. Learn more by doing a search on Enrollmint today.

Medical Billing and Coding

Medical Billing and Coding Degree Quick Facts
*Statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Medical Billing and Coding Colleges

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing and most profitable industries around the globe. The reason for this is clear. Nothing matters if you don’t have your health. So if you are planning to enroll in medical program, then take the first step today. It takes all kinds of professionals to service the health field and function properly, so there are thousands of opportunities for people who are seeking to be a part of this amazing industry. This year, one of the most sought out programs in the medical field is the medical billing and coding program. Although becoming a medical coding and billing specialist doesn’t require a bachelor degree, this specialist has a very important role to fill.

A medical billing and coding specialist is tasked to compute and process a patient’s medical bill, help them file a claim with their insurance company and make sure that the patient will get paid by the insurance company in a timely manner. Other tasks include answering questions and concerns about medical insurance such as what insurances are honored in a certain hospital, following up some overdue payments as well as generate reports. Generating these reports is very important as it will track the cash flow and profits of your organization.

The implementation of the Obama Care Affordable Care Act is the primary reason the medical billing and coding career is expected to grow at a rate of 22% through 2022. This is confirmed by the Department of Labor Statistics. There are also many more skills necessary in the medical insurance field. Medical billing and coding requires communication skills, bookkeeping skills, computer skills and much more. All of these will be acquired by enrolling in a medical billing and coding course. Receiving your certificate will usually take about a year to complete. You may also choose to earn an associate’s degree, which takes two years or less to complete.

There are dozens of private and public schools, colleges and universities that offer medical billing and coding courses and programs. Let Enrollmint.com help you choose your medical billing and coding school wisely to start your journey today. After getting a certification or an associate degree you will be qualified to work at hospitals, doctor’s offices, government agencies and even in the private sectors. A medical billing and coding specialist may earn a median income as much as $40,000. Get started today on Enrollmint.com.

Medical Assisting

Medical Assisting Quick Facts
*Statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Medical Assisting Colleges

The medical field has always been one of the fastest growing and in demand fields around. Everything else in life doesn’t matter if we don’t have our health. However, venturing into the medical field is not easy. It requires a lot of time, money and effort to get a medical degree such as a doctor or a nurse. Luckily, there are short courses that people can take if they want a career in the medical field. One promising option is to enroll in a college that offers medical assisting degrees.

Today’s demand for medical assistants is at an all-time high. This is due to huge advances in medicine and the continuing growth of our population. If this interests you, then you should enroll in a medical assisting program today. Medical assisting programs are usually offered at technical or junior colleges and may be completed with an associate degree in less than 2 years. Luckily, there are dozens of schools, colleges and universities that offer medical assistant courses throughout the United States. When you decide to enter a medical assisting program, you’re investing in your future. So choose the best school that offers you the best return on your investment. We at Enrollmint.com will help you make the right decisions.

After you receive your certification, diploma, or degree in medical assisting, you will be ready to perform administrative and clinical tasks. Some administrative duties that may be given to you include answering phones and inquiries, scheduling appointments, filing patient medical records, filing finances, filling out insurance forms, typing medical forms as well as inventory of medicines. Some other clinical duties may include taking vital signs, preparing patients for examinations, assisting doctors for examinations, collecting specimens (blood, urine, tool, tissues etc), and keeping the office clean and tidy.

There are a lot of advantages in starting your career as a medical assistant. You may choose to advance in your career and take other medical programs. Let Enrollmint.com assist you with your medical assistant path today!

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Quick Facts
*Statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Massage Therapy Schools

If you think you have power and talent in your hands, perhaps you should consider becoming a massage therapist and enroll in massage therapy school to hone your skill. A great massage therapist has the power to relieve tension and wipe away the stress of a rough day. Everyone looks for a way to be relieved of stress. This is the reason why a massage therapist is one of the most in demand career opportunities in today’s workforce. In fact according to the US Department of Labor Statistics, the employment opportunities for massage therapists has grown 13% from 2004 to 2014. They are also seeing a continuous increase over the next five years. If this sounds appealing to you, then you should learn how to become a massage therapist and take massage therapy courses today.

There are an estimated 15,000 massage schools, colleges, universities and massage training centers in the USA that offer massage therapy programs. Choose the right school for you today and learn the knowledge and the ability to become a massage therapist. Just be sure that the National Certification Board and Bodywork or NCBTMB accredits the massage course or program you will take.

Some people think that studying massage is simple. This is far from the truth as learning massage is an art. By enrolling into massage therapy courses, you can learn many things including the right way that you should use your hands, different massage techniques, history of massage, types of massage, holistic treatment, psychology, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and other subjects covering the structure and function of the human body. Massage therapists know the body from head to toe.

Once you get your massage degree and license, you will be happy to find out that there are many great opportunities waiting for you in the massage therapy field. You will work in spas, health clubs, medical offices, hospitals, sports organizations or you can do freelance massage work and get the flexibility of working independently. You may also open up your own massage establishment if you have the capital to do so.

As people embrace alternative medical practices and spa treatments, the opportunity for massage therapists will continuously increase. So jump into the field and enroll in a massage school today.

Makeup Artist Training

Makeup Artist Quick Facts
*Statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Makeup Artist Schools

Have you always dreamed of becoming a professional makeup artist, then today is the right time to enroll and learn the art of makeup. Makeup training may just be one aspect of cosmetology and doesn’t require four years or a degree to be certified. But it doesn’t mean there isn’t much to learn. Find a makeup training school today using Enrollmint.com and start your journey to the creative world of make-up. There are lots of great makeup training schools in the USA that you may choose from.

Makeup artistry covers a wide array of different techniques and technology that makes it a knowledgeable, fun and exciting career. Not to mention that there are many opportunities waiting for you after makeup school. From movie special effects makeup to fashion makeup, theatrical makeup and events makeup, a great makeup artist is needed all the time. Salary isn’t shabby either especially if you are given the chance to work with celebrities. So find your makeup school today and learn about the following:

Makeup for all occasions Many people know the basics of applying makeup including lipstick, mascara, foundation etc. but not all know the right makeup for the right occasion. By taking makeup courses, you will learn how to apply makeup depending on the special occasion and for certain needs. There are many occasions where the right type of makeup makes all the difference. For example, if you are doing graduation makeup then you would want to look young and fresh. On the other hand, a bride’s makeup before her wedding should be different than during her prenuptial glamour shot. Makeup for the camera is often different from everyday makeup applications.

Makeup for different skin types

Another lesson you will learn in makeup artistry class is how to develop your talents and instantly know what makeup style a person would need regarding their skin type. Skin comes in different color, shades, type (oily, dry etc.) and imperfections (with pimples, eye bags etc.). You will need makeup lessons to learn about the skin types and what type of makeup should be applied to each individual’s skin. You will need makeup lessons to learn how to hide the imperfections of the skin. Lastly, you will need makeup lessons to learn how to choose the right makeup considering the eye color, hair color and even the shape of the face.

Makeup Techniques

Last but not the least, makeup schools will keep you updated with the latest technology, techniques and trends in the makeup industry. Airbrush makeup for example had just arrived a few years ago and is now growing significantly. Makeup classes will help you develop your skills as a makeup artist while teaching you the many techniques necessary to become a well-paid professional.

Graphic Arts and Design

Graphic Art and Design Quick Facts
*Statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Graphic Arts and Design Colleges

Graphic arts and design is one of the most in demand careers in today’s workforce. Almost every industry needs graphic artists or designers to work directly for their companies. From designing a company website to making advertising flyers or billboards to creating mobile applications, graphic artists are needed everywhere. To become a graphic designer it takes knowledge, skills, and experience. All these attributes you will earn when you choose to enroll in a Graphic Arts and Design College.

If you are planning to have a career in the graphic arts and design field then take your first steps today by utilizing Enrollmint.com to find the right college to get you to your dreams and goals you have set for yourself. Although there are some who make it to the industry just by talent alone, most still need a degree or some sort of certification to give them an edge over the competition. An education with also equip them with all the knowledge they need before they plunge into the exciting world of graphic design.

There are many great colleges and universities in the USA that offer graphic design programs. These colleges offer short-term courses, associate degrees, bachelor degrees and master degree programs for graphic arts and design. You may also take other courses and degrees that are associated to graphic arts and design including visual communication focusing in graphic arts, modern advertising, fine arts focusing in graphic design, computer graphics and more. You will gain knowledge in advertising, fine arts, computer technology and more. Nevertheless, this knowledge and experience will help you be on the fast track to your career in the graphic arts and design field.

By enrolling and getting a degree in graphic arts and design, you’ll increase your chances of being hired. Remember though that the competition in the graphic arts and design field is quite tough. To give you an even bigger edge, learn the latest software and design trends. Do not stop learning as the computer world is always updating. You also need to learn how to speak efficiently and market yourself. Furthermore, a portfolio is also needed. So if you have some free time while you are still studying, take freelance work whenever you can and build your portfolio. Whether it is a free or paid opportunity, your portfolio you will present opportunities to prospective employers when you get out of college and start searching for a real career.