How Important is Education?

Should we always seek Education?

It’s quite a mystery why some people would still ask about the importance of education. Well, look around you. Everything you see is because of education. Education has the power to make the world a better place and we are what we are because of education. But just to remind us how important education really is, this article will enumerate some of education’s benefits. Read on and learn why girls and boys who learn to read and write can change the world.

Open Windows to Career Opportunities

Education equips us with the expertise that we need in order to start a career. No matter what career you would like to pursue, education and how well you apply what you have learned will play a major part to make you stand out from the rest so you can achieve that career opportunity and succeed.

Mold us Into a Better Person

In college, it’s not just academic subjects that we learn. We also learn values and virtues that would mold us into a better person. We learn important characteristics that a person should have such as leadership and ability to get along with others. Education cultivates us into mature individuals and helps us make the right decisions. It won’t be wrong to say that good education makes us more human.

Enlighten us

As a human, it is our nature to be curious and always ask questions. Education helps us find answers to those questions and lead us to enlightenment. Education also wipes out wrong beliefs from our minds and helps us get a clearer picture. A simple example would be the years when we used to believe in Santa Claus? When we grow up we learn that there is no such thing and it is only our parents.

The Key to a Strong Nation

Education is one of the most important investments in our country. Education results in raising income, improving health, good government and reducing poverty. Also in today’s competitive world, nations are fighting to be on top of the intelligence pyramid. Take Apple and Samsung for example. We all know that Apple signs all of its products in the United States while manufacturing is done in many countries around the word. These countries are fighting every day to be the leader in the technology industry thus increasing their nation’s economy.

Now we know how important education is. But why are there more and more people saying that taking classes and going to college is now unimportant to succeed? They say that in today’s business world experience is what counts. With that I say education is more than reading, writing, and arithmetic. You can seek education even without going to universities (although it is highly recommended). Experience itself can be your teacher and experiencing something is one way a person can seek education. We should always seek education no matter what our status in life is and whatever our age is.  Here are some more ways on how we could seek education:

  • Read and Write. Reading and writing sharpens your minds. So do both whenever you have time.
  • Take free or inexpensive courses in different subjects that interest you.
  • Recruit or find mentors that you may seek guidance from every time you need it.
  • Develop hands-on skills such as cooking or automotive repairs.
  • Traveling to another country can give you an incredible learning experience. If you don’t have a budget for this then you should volunteer yourself to immersions.
  • Meet new people and enter different communities and local events. The experience you will get in meeting new people will be so worth it.