Automotive Service Tech Quick Facts
*Statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Automotive Service Tech Schools

Have you always been interested in cars, motorcycles or any automotive? Of course you have, especially if you are a guy. Thousands of men in the USA have so much interest in the automotive field and some are making it as a hobby to modify or fix their autos by themselves. Take this hobby or talent of yours and use it to have a career in the Automotive Technician field. There’s a huge demand for skilled Automotive Service Technicians, so enroll in a school today and be one step closer towards success.

As an automotive service technician, you can study to work on different types of cars (sedans, compacts, SUVs etc), motorcycles, commercial and diesel trucks, airplanes, or even work with racing cars and be one of those mechanics includes in a NASCAR team. You can also be a specialist and learn how to diagnose and repair sophisticated automobiles such as luxury cars.

So find the right automotive service tech school, college or university for you today. We at can help find the perfect school for you. Consider the location, program type, specializations, and the amount of hands on training you will have in choosing the right automotive service technician school for you.

Automotive service technician schools offer a variety of options for you to choose from based on your personal needs and situation. There are certificate and diploma programs that usually can be finished in a few months, an associate degree that can be done within 2 years or a bachelor’s degree that can be completed within 4 years. By enrolling in an automotive service technician course or degree, you will have high-quality, hands-on instruction in class where you will learn the necessary skills to start in the automotive industry. You can also learn the skills to perform maintenance and mechanical repairs, skills to fix increasingly complex vehicles, as well as learn about engines, chassis, fuel systems and other parts of an automotive.

Enroll in an automotive service technician school today and get a career that is both profitable and fun to do. Search for a school on today and you’ll be on your way to a great career.