Tips for Writing School Essays for Admissions

Learn the top 10 tips

For some colleges and universities, there are requirements one must complete in order to be accepted. Some of the requirements are a certain grade average, good moral standing, passing an entrance exam, and of course school essays as part of the admissions process. School admission essays are a very important part of your journey to attend college. It is an indication that colleges and universities place extra attention on your ability to communicate your ideas, your initiative and vision. It is also your chance to showcase your talent and your credibility. This means that you should put some serious thought in writing your school admission essays.

In order to help you with that, here are some pointers you should remember.

Tip #1: If you are confused on what to write about, then remember that what you will write will depend on the course or program you will be applying for. Explain why you chose that program, cite some of your past works and experiences that are related to the program. You may even write about key changes in your life that made you decide to pursue that particular career path.

Tip #2: You might find it difficult to begin writing the very first sentence of your school admission essay. We totally get it. The intro is the most important part of the essay. This will determine if the admission’s team will read the rest of your essay or not. The technique here is to make a draft of your essay and then just choose or write the final intro afterwards.

Tip #3: Always keep your focus on the theme of your essay, as it is easy to be carried away. If you get carried away, readers may feel that you are beating around the bush. If it’s cohesive and well written, you will be viewed as an organized individual who is capable of presenting his/her ideas in a format that people will like and understand. So mention something only if it is beneficial or related to your essay.

Tip #4: Don’t try to overwhelm people by flooding your essay with deep English words. Use common English in the right way and it will sound great.

Tip #5: Use active verbs to imply action and initiative.

Tip #6: This is post-collegiate level you’re pursuing. Make sure you write as such. Watch for any spelling, grammar and typo errors. Take note of the techniques of language.

Tip #7: Do not bore your readers and be clear and concise so the letter is easily understood. Remember that there are thousands of students applying for your same position. This means that your essay needs to stand out from the rest or your readers will not remember you.

Tip #8: If you have weakness don’t put it in your essay. However, some people love to put their weaknesses in their essay as this is what makes them human. So, if you decide to put in your weaknesses, then just don’t highlight them. Instead, address them and tell your readers what you have done to improve yourself to battle some of the issues you have.

Tip #9: Let someone else read your essay and listen to the advice that they give. Family, friends, knowledgeable third parties, guidance counselors would be great too.

Tip #10: Be ready to revise your essay according to their advice. Edit, re-write and if necessary, re-write it once more until you come up with an essay that puts your personality, educational background and experience in the best light possible.