Nursing Assistant Quick Facts
*Statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Nursing Assistant Schools

Choosing a career in nursing is extremely rewarding and never easy. This profession is quite demanding and expects high standards of ethics, patience, honesty and a lot of medical knowledge. Nursing is still the most sought out and largest health care occupation in the world with over 2.7 million positions in the USA alone. Why is that? Because having a career in nursing is very rewarding. Not only will you earn a very competitive salary, but assisting others to stay healthy and hopefully cured of an illness makes it a very noble profession.

So if you are ready to face the challenges of this very occupation, then start looking for a nursing school on today. Let assist you with your search to find the right college or university to enroll in your Bachelor or Associate Degree program in Nursing. Getting a degree in nursing will help you learn all the technical knowledge that a nurse should have as well as the proper discipline that this profession requires.

There are many colleges and universities that offer nursing programs. You will earn your Associate Degree in less than 2 years and a Bachelor Degree in about 3-4 years. After finishing a degree in nursing, you should pass the licensing examination that will certify you as a nurse. Students who fail to pass this exam can retake it after a year but usually 75% of nursing students pass this in their first try. After passing the exam you may then look for nursing positions and start your career.

Nursing covers a wide area of career opportunities after graduating. You may apply as an entry-level nurse or a staff-nurse after you graduate or you may become a nurse educator where you teach students or other people about proper health care needs and procedures. You may be a mid-wife and help women during labor and delivery or you may be a nurse practitioner that could write prescriptions to patients with diabetics and hypertension. If you are tough enough to face the operating table, then you may be an operating nurse that will help assist doctors in any minor or major operations. There are also various specialty programs that nurses may choose to specialize in such as radiology nursing, rehabilitation nursing, forensic nursing, and many more. These specialty programs are quite interesting but would take more time and effort.

With over 200,000 vacant positions in hospitals and health offices for nursing each year, not to mention the growing demand for skilled private nurses that will take care of elderly or sick people at home, the future is looking extremely bright for the nursing field. Students with a Degree in Nursing should expect an easier task to find a job, secure their position and earn an extremely competitive salary. So let assist you in choosing the right nursing college today and get started towards your career in this amazing field.