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Am I too old for college?

The famous author C.S. Lewis said, “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” And this is why no one is too old to enter college. In fact, according to surveys, nearly 50% of freshman college students are not fresh out of high school. Most of them start working first, raise a family or simply take time to think.

How to choose the right college for me?

There are many factors to consider in choosing the right college for you. First and foremost is the cost. Know your education budget and whether it can be suited for the school you prefer. In connection with cost, you also need to consider the type of financial aid that a college is providing. Every college has a financial aid department that you can talk to about grants, scholarships or student loans. Determine which one offers the best options.

Location is another factor to consider. Are you looking for college near your home? Or do you plan to live in a dorm so a school located far from home would be fine? Do you prefer a campus right in the heart of a big city? Or one that is in a suburb? Is the college near any public transportation? The quality of the program you’re interested in should also be considered. Some schools are better for particular courses than other schools. Extracurricular activities are also important on choosing the right college for you. If you dream of pledging, how’s their Greek scene? If you love sports, how’s their sports teams?

Last but not the least, the whole campus culture. Some schools are known for rowdy partying, others for liberal activism, and others for hardcore studying. The general vibe of the school is a factor to consider. If it feels right then it may be the right one.

What are some common factors that are overlooked when it comes to choosing colleges?

Yes there are some factors that are often overlooked when choosing a college. Here are some of them:

  • Accessibility of the gym or fitness center.
  • The dining halls, its meal plans and rules and how accessible is it from your primary school building.
  • Car parking availability in school and in the dorm. If payment is needed, how much? Is the car lot well lit and guarded?
  • Potential study areas such as libraries or coffee shops that you can go to whenever you dread to study at your dorm room.

What are some good resources I can use to research and choose the right college?

Online forums are good resources in choosing a college to apply to. There are hundreds of them online where you can learn about the culture and what people are saying about a certain school. Online college directories are also a great resource. Sites such as is an online college search tool that will help choose the right school for you.

Should I visit colleges before choosing?

We strongly recommend you visit as many colleges as possible that are in your prospect list. Campus tours are an important part of making a decision. It can provide you with the opportunity to really feel the college, talk to current students, see their facilities in person, watch some professors and trainers in action and even taste their campus food if you like. Some schools are perfectly fine with walk-ins, however most schools require you to make an appointment. Before attending your appointment, it is a good idea to prepare your questions for the school. So that you will know may things in your visit. Fill out a form on this website so you can begin the enrollment process.

What is meant by a school or college being accredited?

Accreditation is the process by which a school’s curriculum is analyzed and approved by the accreditation body. The goal of accreditation is to ensure that education provided by institutions of higher education meet acceptable levels of quality. There is an online database of accredited colleges in the United States. Go and visit

How to choose the right course for me?

Choose a course that you think you will love to do. This may not necessarily be what you are good at, but what you love doing. You will have this career for the rest of your life so loving it would be the reason for you to stay doing it. You might be great at mathematics, but you love computers. So don’t study mathematics, focus on IT or computer engineering.

What is the estimated cost of college?

Most colleges cost around $50,000-100,000 for tuition fees for a four-year degree. However, there is still housing, books, allowances and more, so an estimated cost would be $150,000-200,000 on average for a bachelors degree.

What are some examples of what’s involved in the process for college admission?

You can expect to have an admission test, interview, assessment of your GPA, review of your SATS and college essay. Many believe the essay is the most important part of your college application. It’s your voice. It helps admissions officers understand who you are and what makes you unique.

What are the application deadlines and enrollment dates for colleges?

College applications and enrollment dates vary for every college. For some, it is open all year round while for others it depends on the class size, duration of courses/programs offered, state licensing requirements etc. It’s best to contact the college you are considering as soon as you can and speak with their admissions department.