Beauty Occupations
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Beauty Schools and Colleges

Have an interest in cosmetics, hair design or barbering, then a career in beauty may be right for you. If you are one of those who are interested in working as a beauty consultant, running your own beauty salon or creating your own line of beauty products, then start your journey today by enrolling in a Beauty School. Taking beauty courses would mold your talent, inform you with the latest beauty trends and help cement your place in the beauty industry. The beauty industry is huge and extremely popular. There is always a space for anyone who wants to get involved. So enroll in a beauty school today!

Beauty schools offer a number of great options for you. There are two-year or four-year courses to attain a degree, and there are courses that are only 4-6 months where you will earn a certificate. These colleges offer Bachelor Degrees in Cosmetology, Bachelor Degrees in Beauty Therapy Management, Bachelor Degrees in Make-up and Hair Design as well as short courses in Cosmetology, Esthetics Training, Barbering, Spa Therapy, Massage Therapy, Electrology, Laser Technology, Makeup Artistry, Nail Technology, Skin Care and more. Three of the most popular programs that you should take in consideration are:

Barbering – Study all the techniques of cutting, grooming, shaving and styling hair for en and boys. Barbershops are also places of social interaction and public communication so you will learn how to interact with people.

Cosmetology – The art of application of beauty care products and treatments. This includes skincare, hair care, nail care, electrology and much more. Typical cosmetology programs range from 4 months to 2 years. After graduation you will put your knowledge and expertise to excellent use.

Make-up Artist Training – Learn the art of makeup application when you choose this popular program. Training to become a make-up artist can offer a diverse set of options for graduates. You will choose to be a part of someone’s special day like a wedding or a debut or choose to be a part of film and theatrical makeup effects.

Now that you know your options when it comes to attending a beauty school, there are things you need to consider before enrollment. First things first, decide whether you are going to get a certificate or pursue a degree. Ask yourself what you want your future to be like. If your dream is to be a world-renowned beauty specialist, then you may want to consider a Bachelor’s degree. If you want to get your feet wet in the beauty industry to see if it’s a career you want to pursue, then short courses may be the way to go. You may be eligible for grants, financial loans, and scholarships, so ask your beauty school for more information. Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

Second, know what you want to major in. Would you want to major in skin care? Or perhaps cosmetology? How about make-up? Location is another factor you would want to consider. Is there a college, university, or beauty school located near where you live? How about an online school?   Is the school you have chosen accredited? Have they received any industry awards? Are you willing to relocate for the purpose of enrolling in the school of your choice? Upon answering these questions then you may be ready to move forward with your beauty career.

Enrolling in beauty colleges and schools will help you grow your career. Just remember one of the keys to success is determination.