Aviation Occupations
*Average salaries provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Aviation Schools and Colleges

Aviation colleges allow people to live the ultimate dream of everyone… Flying. Attending an Aviation college will be the first step on your journey to endless heights. These colleges offer undergraduate, post graduate and vocational courses.

A Bachelor degree in Aviation will give you the tools to pursue a professional career as a pilot. Be aware that there are two types of pilot: the professional pilot and the general aviation pilot. Professional pilot can fly any type of aircraft including public airplanes while general aviation deals with all civilian flying, private jets and smaller aircraft. At the end of the course, you are required to pass the FAA exam which consists of both written and practical flight information.

But that’s not all that an aviation college has to offer. You may choose to go the engineering way for a degree in Avionics. Avionics deals mainly in the electronic systems used on aircraft, artificial satellites, and spacecraft. It will help you learn how to build aircrafts.

Depending on the course or specialization you choose, you will learn a lot of things in an aviation college. Here are some areas of study you may learn:

  • FAA rules, flight regulations and other laws about flying.
  • Principles of flight and physics theories on how planes and other aerodynamic vehicles are able to fly.
  • Basics of meteorology, weather patterns and forecasting…Weathers effect in flying.
  • Dealing with difficult situations and other unforeseen scenarios one can experience while flying.
  • Parts of different aerodynamic vehicles: airplane, spacecraft, helicopter etc
  • Aircraft navigation: controls and functions, equipment and taking directions
  • Aircraft communication for both pilot and flight attendant.
  • Usage of flight instruments such as the inboard communication system, which is used to control air traffic and contact airports for landing.
  • Psychology and human factors in aerodynamics

Aviation courses are one of the most exciting careers one can take. Search for aviation schools in your area and you’ll be on your way to an exciting career.